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The kitchen is the new living and dining room. You no longer slave alone over the proverbial stove, instead your friends pile in, pour wine and give good gossip! As for the dining room? It’s been relegated along with the silver to the distant starched-white past!

With formal now fired, walls come tumbling down as everyone’s cooking, working, tapping, swiping, laughing, chatting, rowing and making out on tables in the new open planned, Good Brother kitchen


If you’re looking for a range that exudes a clean, simplistic look, we have a variety of modern kitchens featuring seamless, linear designs to achieve a chic living space.

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Traditional kitchens contain a myriad of elements that still makes them one of the most popular styles. Ornate details and elegant features sets the kitchen as the heart of the home.

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We have thought about getting a new kitchen for ages but didn’t really feel we would bother until we came across Good Brother. They were so helpful and offered such a massive range I couldn’t believe it. All the images helped me picture what I wanted and they made it come through and all at a very reasonable price. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Rebecca Gawley, Galway
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